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Girdle Crazy : A true, personal story from the experience, I Wear a Girdle Everyday. I wear girdle for sex stories AM A STRAIGHT MAN 53 YEARS OF AGE AND I WEAR GIRDLES, NYLONS ,GARTER BELTS AND PANTIES .

Well I am a guy and I love to wear nylons and pantyhose but i am def. not gay. I do this habit because I like the feel of them on my leggs. I wanted to no if it is normal and .

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A Man That Loves Girdles, Garters and Stockings : A true, personal story from the experience, I Love to Wear Girdles. This is the first time I have ever revealed my thoughts .

There was

wear girdle for sex stories

a wonderful girdle called Sleex in the sixties. It was a molded rubber girdle like Playtex. But it was much firmer yet just as flexible and never rolled over.


Girdles - a journey into fantasy and back. BACK to Home Page This story is about FALSE GUILT that can be caused by parents,
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