Verizon broadband error 678

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Why DSLReports? I heard DSL is cool. What is it? DSL vs CABLE? What is the fastest speed that DSL connections are capable of? What's this about distance from the CO?

Modems & Routers how to articles and videos including How to Purge a Comcast Modem With a Static IP, Fastest Linksys E3000 Setting, How to Replace Qwest 2701HG-D

DSL Modems how to articles Verizon broadband error 678 and videos including What Is a DHCP Client ID?, How to Open My NAT for a Motorola DSL Modem Model 2210, How to Uninstall the DLink 655 NOVATEL USB760 3.1 Mbps Wireless cellular modem 3G USB Broadband Device for Verizon: Electronics

I have been using internet connection sharing on my windows XP for the last 3 years using PCMCIA card and for the last 4 months um175 USB modem.

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I have a mifi device, ordered the first day they came out. I bought it to replace a sprint evdo card + cradlepoint setup to keep in my bag for travel Verizon broadband error 678 and coffee shops.

It seems like this should be a fairly common topic, and probably addressed elsewhere, but searching this and other groups as well as googling has failed to yield anything useful.

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