Smart bbm status

Change your display picture or display name; Change your status; Change how messages appear in chats; Change the display options for your contact list


Always be in the loop with your BBM friends with Smart

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If you looking for how to insert and use Emoticons on BlackBerry Messenger aka BBM from your BlackBerry Smart Phone (Curve 8310, Gemini, Bold 9000 / 9700,

Caro | The Most Addictive Game for BlackBerry Caro is Tic-Tac-Toe like game with 15x15 grid field and player has 5 same symbols in a row first will win. With BBM integration .


JAKARTA: Kementerian Komunikasi dan Informatika bersama Badan Regulasi Telekomunikasi Indonesia (BRTI) telah sepakat mencabut izin prinsip WiMax milik First Media melalui anak .

Lauren How do i get cool symbols on bbm?. I want to have cool hearts and smiley faces on my bbm status. how do i get them?

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BlackBerry Messenger 6.0 turns the popular app from an IM service into a social platform, with benefits for BlackBerry app developers.

YES. It does work for all BlackBerry Messengers version 5.0.x.x as far as I know, even the ones on OS4. What you need to have is: (1): a wifi-supported Black.

Choose your own BlackBerry Package. Text to 2207 Example: BB DAY send to 2207

COLLECT TEXT lets you send a text-message to any Smart mobile
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