My documents access denied

After searchin microsofts help and support it appeared that i found my solution but their directoins were wrong, well for my system anyway. heres a grab from


Edit: I turned off a vista feature that would ask for permission, that solved the problem

I was trying to help a friend move his data from his Windows XP computer to Windows 7. Much of his data was in the old Documents and Settings folder. So one

I am trying to write a script that will allow a window to create multiple popup windows and keep a reference to each popup window by populating an array. Then at anytime I want .

Software > Operating Systems . I installed Windows 7 on my laptop because I am going to force myself to figure out . c documents and settings is a junction. you don't .

I really appreciate your help. I recently replaced my old PC and had no problems swapping my old HD , as a second drive, into my new PC. No problems

cross domain errors causedby 3 things when it comes to iFrames: 1) open iFrame with the different URL ( for example opening ) from parent page ( ) 2 .

You are not using Reader to create the pdf. This really is not a Reader issue. How are you renaming the file? What OS are you using? Can you upload a problemsome file?

HI, I have Vista Ultimate and am looking around the software and am getting plenty of Access is Denied error messages when I try and click on folders in the C: directory that .

I could really use some help diagnosing some Malware. I'm getting Access Denied when I try to run HijackThis and GMER is freezing on me. I was able to My documents access denied run DDS

Cannot copy . Access is denied. Windows XP Basics . You may not post new threads

As I was trying to browse got the following message: Documents and settings is not accessible. Access My documents access denied is denied. Cannot browse the folder even after I took the ownership. Any . My documents access denied

About trying to live with ms and discovering that suddenly most places are inaccessible and that life as
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